What to expect

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- A loving, active teen community

    - Who engage on social media

      - A chance to be on Lily Kate's close friends story 

- Live weekly Bible studies with Lily Kate

      - Living a fulfilled life

      - Thankfulness

      - Understanding oneself in the context of Christian faith

- Exclusive videos from Lily Kate on topics such as

      - Living like Christ everyday

      - Seasonal specials (decorating & shopping)

      - Raw & honest struggles of a Christian life

- Podcast episodes and blog posts about

      - Lifestyle

      - Christianity and modern issues

      - Positivity in trials

      - God's love and mercy for us

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- Pre-release books and merchandise such as:

      - Notebooks and pens (coming soon!)

      - Live Freely attire and bags (coming soon!)

      - Devotional books (coming soon!)